“modernists claim that the utopia must be sought in the future”, says Peter Eisenman.

Post modernists are also looking for this utopia in the past, but today’s architecture must look for this utopia in today’s conditions.

In this case he uses the word” presentness” to mean actual “present”. he believes that architecture in any time and place must have “presentness” and it should belong to its specific time.

As Eisenman has confronted the duals to rediscover the buried layers and make the history face its presentness in Wexner center of visual arts project, this question occurred to us that how could be the possible shape of today’s presentness? And how can the buried layers of our culture, history, climate, politics and society, confront with the presentness of their time and space all over again?





With the recognition of important concerns and narratives of the city that have not been seen or completely forgotten in recent years, and with the purpose of creating an eventual space in the context of the urban sprawl, our architectural studio has started its work.

We believe that Every influential flow at the beginning of the path depends on the association and presence of people with knowledge and in the process of forming a product, creating effective dialogues and continuous practices will lead to knowledge production in the context of architectural practice.

And we also know that this flow is constantly growing, evolving and changing due to time and space variables.

Although fundamental changes in social relations as well as changes in cultural structures have caused differences in human life style, we must remember that changes in life have no end, and they are happening in the fastest possible way. Human is constantly forced to change his life style in order to make harmony with his living environment.

In this way we try to put a systematic view of the production of a work in opposition to the creative nature of designing by expressing a clear strategy, which allows us to assess and measure the process of creating an existence or an argument, also creates a way for finding an answer to them.

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