Kashan Factory

  • Tehran, Iran
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Project Name: Taghtiran Kashan Factory
Architects: Moein Nikaeen, Marzieh Mirjafari
Design Team: Mohammad Mirzaiee, Bita Rezaee
3d visualization: Amirreza Teymouri

This project was referred to the office while it was on built structure. Firstly, we started studying the current situation of the project and all the effective factors in design. Afterwards, with the aim of changing the typical typology of industrial sheds, our design process was started. In this process, by placing a grid on the existing structure, the general conditions and the project plan were analyzed. The result of this change is the splitting of the walls and the creation of an in-between space that sews the green layers in and out of the project. This boundary could also help the project being sectional.

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